The Blog:

I started this blog to inspire teachers to get to know their students deeply and to encourage them to continually reflect on their practice in order to provide an inspiring and meaningful education for all.

I am passionate about doing my small part to make our world a better place as I ignite the souls of students and teachers by helping them discover their unique value.

A student’s education can make or break him, and it is my vision that every individual experience a positive and edifying education that enables him to fulfill his purpose and live up to his fullest potential.

The Blogger:

I’m Jenie, and I have been a certified teacher since 2002.   Before that, I was a preschool teacher for four years, so I have spent my entire working life as an educator.

My certifications include:

  • Elementary Education
  • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) K-12
  • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) K-12
  • National Board Certified Teacher

I am a math and science geek at heart, and after graduating high school, I teetered between pursuing a career as an engineer or a teacher.  My high school guidance counselor ultimately forced my decision by telling me that I was ‘too smart to be a teacher.’  Seriously.  He really said that.

I’ve held many different teaching positions and have changed a lot as a teacher since my first year.  I have been influenced by some amazing educators, as well as some less than amazing ones.  My passion for reaching ALL students has grown stronger as the years go by, and I am continually thankful that rather than ‘burning-out’, I just continue ‘heating up.’

My goal is to ignite a similar passion in educators all over the world.  You see, by revealing the value inside each student, we make this world a better place, one person at a time.


2 responses to “About…

  1. Jan

    You have put into words what many teachers (hopefully) believe! I am looking forward to reading more…

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